Iran has the forth rank in producing science in biotechnology among the Asian countries. Furthermore, valuable industries are active in this field. For instance, types of serum and vaccine, plant tissue culture, biological fertilizers and poisons, microbial and fermentation products and diagnostic kits are being produced in Iran and some of the pharmaceutical materials like antibiotics, hormones and protein factors are in different stages of laboratory to production based on biotechnology and genetic engineering methods. We look at the biotechnology and genetic engineering as a smart and clever option for solving food, sanitary and environmental issues in the country and the whole world. Iran’s goal is to secure 3 percent of the global biotechnology market in the year 2025. We are sure that this outlook is reachable and we will strive to achieve it. Biotechnology is a quite interdisciplinary field and in need of multilateral effective collaboration and utilization of different specialties. We are looking for effective collaboration with the world in direction of fundamental and applied development of this science.

Together let’s make the world a better place to live in…


Prof. Mostafa Ghanei

Biotechnology Development Council Chairman

Tehran, IRAN