Azola as a raw material of biorefineries

A group of researchers in the science and technology park of Gilan, could deign a process which harmful fern, Azola, is used as raw material in biorefineries.

Azola is an aquatic fern that imported to Iran in 1984 from Philippine. It was released into rice farms to be propagated and used as feed, biofertilizer and etc. after a while Azola blooming made a thick layer over lakes and farm which caused serious environmental damages and made some problems for boats movements and fishing. This problem remains unsolved till now. The thick layer prevents the penetration of sun light into depth of lakes, where algae doing photosynthesis and making oxygen. As a results fishes face with lack of oxygen and finally death. Beside Azola can block the sewerage network so it has been knowing as a harmful plant.

But now a group of scientists from environmental college of Tehran university in collaboration with industrial university of Tokyo(Japan) and Industrial university of Delft(Netherland) under leadership of Dr. Abu Ali Glozari, succeeded to design a process which is able to uses Azola as raw material to produce Bio gasoil, Bio char and biofertilizers.

These years lot of researches have been researching on different application of Azola like nutritional supplements for livestock and fisheries, water treatment, food and drug discovery and etc. Based on these wide potential application made researchers to name it as “Green Gold Mine”.

By recent innovation we are not only facing with an environmental threat any more, rather than facing with a great economic opportunity.

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