Iran begins producing drug for treatment of Blood Coagulation

The Islamic Republic of Iran has recently begun producing a drug conformed to be effective in blood coagulation, breaking the western countries’ monopoly due to the unremitting efforts made by the researchers at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences.

Hemorrhages nowadays account for a large proportion of deaths in accidents. In various undesirable circumstances with severe bleeding, it is imperative to control the bleeding or minimize the amount of blood lost to save the patient's life.

In this regard, manufacture of blood coagulation substances, which through various mechanisms lead to the cessation of bleeding in a brief time and the least amount of tissue damage, is of utmost importance for researchers in this field of study.

Dr. Roya Salehi, being among world’s top 2% scientists, in addition to Tabriz University of Medical Sciences professor Mahdi Edalati, after several years of unremitting efforts were able to design and produce a prosperous unique blood-coagulation drug to arrange for Iran to be one of the few countries with the technology to produce such medicines.

“Up to now, the market for the drug was mainly monopolized by three major companies in the world. However, the results of our accurate and scientific research indicated that the Iranian drug produced under the @STAgel brand is even more robust and efficient than the foreign-made counterparts.” Dr. Salehi stated.

She further noted that the competent cost-effective Iranian-made drug has synergistic effect in stopping the bleeding in a limited time frame and also higher efficiency rate than its counterparts, operating through activating several biological pathways.

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