• Creating and developing hard and soft infrastructures for biotechnology / 10 steps
  • Developing and spreading education, research, promotion and knowledge management based on biotechnology’s preparations and nationwide division of labor / 9 steps
  • Commercialization of research and technology achievements and developing biotechnology’s market products with exporting approach / 14 steps
  • Standardization, safety and qualitative control over biotechnology products / 4 steps
  • Cooperation development and synergy in national and international level in the field of biotechnology / 6 steps
  • Deploying biological technologies for protection and utilization of the sources and country’s genetic and biological resources / 6 steps
  • Focusing on monotheistic teachings and biological ethics for the sake of biotechnology’s development and improvement / 6 steps
  • Raising food safety (quantity, quality, lawfulness) and national health against any threat and biological danger with utilization of modern biological technologies / 8 steps