Values of the national biotechnology document due to the Islamic monotheist worldview, creations’ right for life, maintaining human dignity, promoting social welfare, science production, upper national documents such as Country comprehensive scientific map, science and technology major policies, preservation of technologies and domestic products and observing the national and international laws and regulations are:

- Commitment to Islamic jurisprudential and philosophical principles in all stages of development and usage of biotechnology and creating a distinct and clear border between policies, goals and executive methods with logical approaches.

- Observing the principles of bioethics, biosafety and environment in all stages of development and using biotechnology based on holy teachings and maintaining human dignity.

- Priority of national and public interests over regional and individual interests and strengthening the spirit of partnership and accountability in researchers, technologists and headquarters.

- Justice in the development of biotechnology

- Paying attention to national authority and safeguarding the country against biological threats