In 2006 based on the decision of that time’s president, an institution under title of Vice Presidency for Science and Technology was founded for the purpose of development of science and technology. Through time, this institution got on its own way and now has totally active and effective presence in the country’s science and technology space. Due to the range of science being vast, this institution decided to define and create independent institutions with a specialized field of activity. Therefore, biotechnology development headquarter, nanotechnology development council, Aviation technology development headquarter, energy technology development council, cognitive sciences and technology council and some other headquarters with specialized fields were founded with an accurate plan and activities were continued with more focus.

It should be mentioned that history of biotechnology in Iran goes before the foundation of Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, this shows the importance of this subject in the country. National Biotechnology Committee being found in 2000 was the starting point for organizing National biotechnology system in the country. The first National biotechnology document was developed in 2004 and Supreme Council of Biotechnology was created in 2005 for the purpose of policy making, planning and national supervision in fields of education, research and production. Ultimately in 2008 according to biotechnology strategies, biotechnology development headquarter was founded as one of the technology strategy headquarters under supervision of Vice Presidency for Science and Technology.

Biotechnology development headquarter is the head of biotechnology sector and has tried its best to develop this science. In biotechnology headquarter we have always tried to cover research-to-market chain completely with the help of various support packages and it has been one of the success factors of the headquarter. Right now among 170 biological medicines in the world, 22 best seller medicines are being produced and released in Iran. It shows a real and practical progress in this field. In other fields like agricultural biotechnology, Iran has some great industries in the fields of producing biological fertilizers, biological inhibitors and tissue culture plants. In the field of laboratory and related industrial equipment and products, there are companies in the country that have much experience in international interactions. For instance, nowadays Iran has some decent products being released to the global market in fields of design and manufacture of laboratory and industrial bioreactors and diagnostic equipment and kits.

We believe that we can take the path more quickly by relying on domestic knowledge of our country and use of high capacity of specialized human resources. Of course we have always welcomed international interactions and constructive collaborations with the world and have a coherent plan to peruse this subject. With proper management and relying on domestic ability, biotechnology in Iran has gotten through the critical bottlenecks and now is on the path to growth and development.