Invented by an Iranian scientist:

New 'smart bandage' detects and prevents infection in wounds

A novel smart bandage designed by an Iranian researcher at the University of Rhode Island, has the ability to instantly protect wounds from harmful infections while monitoring the healing process in wounds employing carbon nanotubes.

Bandages are great for covering wounds, but they would be much more useful if they could also detect infections. The applications of carbon nanotubes to wound healing offers the possibility of dressings with enhanced functionality, controlled delivery of antiseptics, and real-time monitoring of healing events.

A miniaturized wearable device will monitor the "smart bandage," and wirelessly (via optical link) detect signals from the carbon nanotubes embedded in the bandage. This signal can then transmit to a smartphone-like device capable of sending automatic alerts to patients or health care providers.

In addition to University of Rhode Island assistant professor Daniel Roxbury, current doctoral student Mohammad Moein Safaee also authored the study behind this novel technological application of nanomaterials. The technology behind the smart bandage is further described in an article published in Advanced Functional Materials journal.

"We designed and optimized a microfabrication process to precisely place nanosensors inside the individual fibers of a textile," said Safaee.

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