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Fair Distribution Of Biotechnological Accelerators In The Country

Mustafa Ghanei, on biotechnology accelerators in the country, said: "The world today is the world of entrepreneurs." The world of happy people with unique perspectives, energy and perseverance, and a serious determination to change the world to something better than it is through the implementation of their innovative ideas.

He added: "These entrepreneurs are in the physical, intellectual, and cultural space to nurture and support their innovative startups from the early days of formation to reaching their goals and programs in the short term, as well as helping them transform into major and determinative companies in the long run, They need the accelerators, of course, to help them.

According to Ghanei, there are people in the development of biotechnology who have traveled this way and have gained experience that the Biotechnology Department is trying to use these experienced people as guides.

"In this regard, we use experienced people in the leadership of companies active in the field of biotechnology, and in some way these companies operate under the supervision of the trainer and receive guidance from them, which takes years to complete the experience," he explained.

According to Ghanei, all this activity is monitored and implemented by the biotechnology accelerator.

"The accelerators will help these people, and then researchers can use the Biotechnology Fund to implement their ideas," according to the Public Relations Office of the Vice President of the Presidency, the secretary of the Biotechnology Development Department of the Presidential Science and Technology Department said. Then, for any structural action Is.
News source: Vice-President of Science and Technology

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