Head of the human and animal cells bank of the Iranian Biological Resource Center (IBRC):

One Thousand Iranian Cell Samples being Deposited at IBRC

“One thousand human cell specimens have recently been deposited in the bank’s cell line collection of Iranian ethnic groups for the research purposes.” Said the head of the Human and animal cells bank of the Iranian Biological Resource Center (IBRC).

Dr. Daneshvar Amoli stated that the mentioned center being a subset of the Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR), provides stored and registered samples in the fields of human, animal, and botanical cell lines, molecular products, and microorganisms for universities and biotechnology research centers.

He emphasized that the cell lines in that center are being prepared and proliferated based on research standards, noting that the purpose of preserving and storing animal cell collections is to sustain the genetic composition and unique biochemical and physiological characteristics of the valuable breeds of endangered animals and the possibility of reviving them for future generations.

Dr. Daneshvar Amoli explained that entering this field has been a priority for the center and besides, they have been able to collect cell specimens of endangered species and breeds over time.

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