Dr. Mostafa Ghanei, General Director of Biotechnology Development Council and one of the member of COVID-19 Vaccine Committee:

Testing of Iranian-made COVID-19 vaccine on human subjects at June, 2021

Dr. Mostafa Ghanei disclosed that the initiation of testing procedures of the COVID-19 vaccine on participants in phase III of the clinical trials for the purpose of assessing its efficiency and safety is scheduled for June next year.

“Phases I and II of the clinical trials will be setting up prior to February, 2021 if we can rise to the novel challenges ahead. Once the vaccine is produced, everyone can take advantage from it, but we should consider that no vaccine is 100% preventative.” said Dr. Ghanei.

He mentioned that the answers to our investigations about the doses of vaccine for distinct classes of people will not be evident for at least a year and consequently, even after the vaccine hitting the markets, people shall apply also other preventative measures such as putting masks and hand-washing.

Additionally, he noted that the Iranian-made COVID-19 vaccine will be cost-efficient in contrast to the Chinese version which has not entered the phase III of clinical trials yet and likewise, its side-effects have not manifested themselves.

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