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Establishing and launching the National Biotechnology Committee as a national body for the development of biotechnology management in 2000 as a cross-cutting body with membership of relevant institutions and institutions is in fact the starting point for organizing the national system of biotechnology management in the country. The first national biotechnological document was developed by the committee to develop a mutant and purposeful technology for this country, and it was approved by the government on 16/2/1383. Based on this document, the first National Biotechnology Development Program, on 19/2/1384, the High Council for Biotechnology was approved for national policy, planning and monitoring in the areas of education, research and production in biotechnology. The council closed in July 2007 following a government decision to dissolve a number of Supreme Soviets. However, given the importance and strategic priority of biotechnology in the country, biotechnology strategies were approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution on 28/9/1386, followed by the headquarters Biotechnology Development was established on 29/3/1387 as one of the Strategic Technology Headquarters under the auspices of the Vice President of Science and Technology of the Presidency. Finally, the "Establishment of a Biotechnology Development Lead Agency" resolution was also approved at the 705th meeting of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, dated 27/10/1390.